Niko – The Dog Facing Execution in VA without Evidence of Wrongdoing

by Denise Carey-Costa A tragic turn in the case regarding Niko the Staffordshire Terrier in Albemarle County Virginia has animal lovers, Pit Pull Advocates, and many others devastated. The dog and his owners Toni Stacy and Audrey Wells have been living a nightmare since December 2014 when Niko was accused of killing a cat. To […]

Michigan Family Fights to Save Pet Dog from Impending Death

  by Denise Carey-Costa We are only 2 months into 2015 and already another dog is facing death based on trumped charges of aggression. As if the murder of beloved family pets hasn’t already reached an all-time high over the past few years. The victim in this case is a 9 year old dog named […]

The Tragic Death of Chewy Caused by Neglect and Inaction

  by Denise Carey-Costa Winter has just begun and there are already multiple reports of dogs and cats left outside in freezing, blizzard like conditions. All the infomercials and news casts out there telling people to bring their pets indoors fall on deaf ears and they still leave them tied outside to die slow, miserable, […]

Film to Show Executed Dog Tony’s Story – the Tragedy in Arizona

  The story below is reposted here from with permission of the author. Imagine you are wrongfully accused of a crime, taken from your family home, locked up in a cage for seven months then euthanized all based on little to no evidence that you even committed a crime. The despair, frustration and helplessness you would feel […]

Activists in Suffolk County, NY Speak Up for Chained, Freezing Dogs

  The following story was published on by Denise Carey-Costa and is reposted here with the author’s permission. This winter has been a horrible one for chained dogs across the nation. Their suffering has been great and many have perished in the sub zero temperatures. Through various emails and social media, we have seen […]